Planning Your Pet’s Vacation

ALL visits to our facility, including tours, are by appointment only.

Thank you, TDD Staff

1.) Required Vaccinations

Be sure that your pet and/or pets, are up to date on the required vaccinations before booking a visit or trial stay.

2.) Book Your Pet’s Free Trial Stay

Call us to schedule your pets free 4 hour trial stay in our suites. We require all new boarders to have a trial stay with us in order to make sure that they will be well suited to be away from home.

3.) Reserve Your Pet’s Vacation or Daycare Days

Once your pet’s trial stay is complete, and we have determined that it has been successful, its time to reserve your pets stay!

4.) It’s time to pack!

  • Please bring their favorite toys, and treats.
  • Luxury pet beds are supplied, but if your pet prefers their own or may damage our bedding please bring a bed from home.
  • Food must be pre-bagged and portioned per meal in zip-locks or containers. Canned meals do not need to be bagged.
  • Medications must be pre-packed in a pill container according to how they’re taken each day.

(Please follow guidelines to avoid additional fees. Please also note that a charge will be added to total for any damage to supplied bedding)