Our Grooming Services

  • Our salon is proud to pamper all dog breeds! Any size, any age.
  • A full groom always includes a brush out, bath, shampoo/condition, release of anal glands, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and ear hair removal.

Grooming prices are determined at your pet’s first appointment, during which we conduct a time study to determine cost accordingly. Within your pets initial visit we will also develop a grooming plan with you for future visits, which includes choosing a haircut that’s best suited for you and your pet.

We offer a variety of styles based on your desires & your pets needs (such as their lifestyle, & coat texture). If you have any questions about what kind of style you would like for your pet please give us a call to make an appointment for a style consultation.

Our salon is designed with your pets comfort in mind. In our bathing room large, elderly, or arthritic dogs can walk directly into our large custom bathing tub. Small dogs have the same ease, as they are bathed on a raised tub level that is intended for their specific size. In our grooming room we use hydraulic and electric grooming tables, which lower and rise for your pets comfort.

To see some of our beautifully groomed canine customers visit our Before and After page

All grooming services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

All pets MUST be up to date on Required Vaccinations before coming to the facility. Please refer to the Vaccinations page for more info.